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wxIAMonitor Class Reference

Image Acquisition Monitor. More...

#include <ia.h>

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Public Methods

 wxIAMonitor ()
 Constructor. More...

virtual ~wxIAMonitor ()

virtual bool Update (const wxString& text, const off_t quantum, const off_t span) = 0
 Update method. More...

Detailed Description

Image Acquisition Monitor.

Class to monitor the progress of an image aquistion. Generally used to provide feedback to the user and allow the user to possibly abort the operation.

Using this to provide a wxProgressDialog or similar interface is really only suggested when not using the user interface provided by the provider/source (i.e by specifying a wxUIMode of wxIA_UIMODE_NONE). Otherwise your windows and/or dialogs may interfere with the possibly native interface being provided by the provider/source.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wxIAMonitor::wxIAMonitor ( ) [inline]


Default constructor

wxIAMonitor::~wxIAMonitor ( ) [inline, virtual]


Member Function Documentation

bool wxIAMonitor::Update ( const wxString & text,
const off_t quantum,
const off_t span ) [pure virtual]

Update method.

Override this method. This method will be called by the provider periodically to indicate progress and allow the user to abort the operation.

text   string describing the operation being performed
quantum   the position relative to span representing how much progress has been made towards completing the operation.
span   the span of the operation (i.e. the max value for quantum).

True to continue process or false to abort.

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